Make Brake Shuddering a thing of the past

Fed-up with brake shudder, even on new discs and pads?
On-wheel brake disc skimming is the only guaranteed way to reduce braking shudder and vibration.... The Caorle system is a high quality lathe that attaches directly to the wheel hub and skims the surfaces of your brake discs to a very high tolerance. It eliminates brake shudder by matching the disc to the hub and correcting for the variable disc thickness that causes shudder. Brake disc shudder is NOT caused by warped discs!
Disc manufacturers state that brake discs do NOT warp under even the hardest use (for example on the race track). Shudder and brake vibration are caused when the brake pads rub on discs that are not aligned correctly causing thinning of the discs in two areas. This disc thickness variability is the true cause of brake disc judder. Many motor companies recommend all newly installed discs be skimmed to ensure a perfectly true fit.

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