Will skimming my discs eliminate brake vibration?

The simple answer is YES in virtually every case. Matching the brake disc to the vehicle aligns the braking system, curing brake vibration.

Here's Why
: When a service centre matches your brake discs to your vehicle, they are eliminating all lateral run-out (a fancy term for wobble) down to less than the thickness of a human hair. In simple terms, the disc wears evenly from this moment on.

Why is that important?
Because when a brake disc doesn't spin true (or wobbles), it will contact the brake pads twice each revolution, on opposite faces to the disc, resulting in uneven wear EVEN when your foot isn't on the brake pedal. This wear will cause the brake disc thickness to become uneven (so called warping) and cause unwanted pedal pulsation and vibration when you brake. This can affect overall performance of the braking system, which is obviously best avoided for both safety and financial reasons.

What can be done?
Contact us TODAY! We are MOBILE and COME to YOU! for MOBILE on-wheel brake disc skimming. Get your discs machined on your vehicle where you are at a time that suits you, for a perfect finish. Always do this if you have new discs fitted to ensure new discs wear evenly. This simple measure will help prevent vibration in the future as the disc wears down.

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